Technique & Posture

It is important to have the correct posture while sitting at the piano. The correct sitting position and hand position will be established in the first lesson.

You shouldn't sit too close to the keyboard and except for children whose feet can't yet reach the ground while sitting on the stool, you should sit slightly forward on the stool with feet on the ground. Make sure you sit at the right height with your forearm horizontal with the keyboard and upper arm sloping slightly forward.

The hands should slope up slightly to the knuckles and the wrists should be up. Fingers should be curved and played on their tips.

Technique needs to be dealt with separately so that good habits are developed from the beginning.

Exercises should be played slowly keeping the muscles as relaxed as possible and always thinking about the correct hand position, arm position and general posture. Any particularly difficult exercises should be repeated and some exercises can be learned by rote.

Playing the piano

Having a good posture while sitting at the piano and developing good techniques allows your playing to be more skilful and flowing. This makes playing easier and more enjoyable.