Online Piano Lessons by Video Call

Skype screenshot showing Suzanne&apos views of pupil and piano keyboard
A screenshot showing how I observe my pupils during their lessons. These two views allow me to study their playing and engage face-to-face. Note the tablet on top of the keyboard so my pupil can see me or my piano.

•  1 hour lessons: £30

•  Lessons are on a weekly basis

•  Occasional & ad hoc lessons can be arranged

•  Lessons are held weekdays & weekends, daytimes & evenings

Lessons can be aimed towards exams or simply for enjoyment only.

Lessons are on a one-to-one basis.

As well as classical, I also teach other genres of music, from jazz, rags and blues to show tunes and modern.

As well as learning pieces, lessons include learning to develop good techniques and can include scales, sight-reading, aural and theory.

Pupils will learn how to read music. A knowledge of notations and time values will be taught and musical terms will be learned.

Lessons will always be tailored especially for each individual and always taking into consideration what the pupil enjoys playing and wants to achieve.

Pupils will learn to play fluently to the end of a piece without stopping. They will build up a repertoire which means there's always something to play to people. While learning to play the piano, pupils discover a wide range of music and should find learning to play music fun and interesting.

Throughout my teaching career I have taken pupils through from being beginners to passing Grade 8. I have successfully entered pupils for hundreds of ABRSM exams from Grades 1 to 8 with most pupils passing really well and often gaining very high marks.

I also teach Music Theory. Here you have to write out music yourself, which is a very effective way of learning about note values, understanding rhythms, time signatures, keys, transposition, chords, scales, performance directions, writing melodies and so much more.

As well as taking Piano Exams with the ABRSM, exams in Music Theory can be taken as well.

What My Pupils Say
open quotation marksI have been doing my piano lessons with Suzanne for 2 years now and I honestly never thought I would be able to play the piano to the level I have reached today. Suzanne makes learning the piano a fun and easy experience, she is a very kind and patient lady who is really easy to get along with. Since covid19 we have been doing virtual lessons which I must say have been absolutely fantastic!! I'm not the greatest person when it comes to technology, however with the kind guidance from Suzanne and her IT Husband I have been able to get the best set up for me which makes learning from home a lot easier!

If I could recommend any piano Tutor I would definitely recommend Suzanne!!!close quotation marks
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