What You Need for Online Piano Lessons

Using a light stand with a boom arm hold a phone above a piano keyboard
Ideally Suzanne needs to see your keyboard from overhead. Whether you are using a webcam or phone, the perfect shot is easily achieved using a light stand, boom arm and clamp

To receive online piano lessons by video call you will need an acoustic or digital piano. You will also need a good internet connection and an internet enabled device with either a built-in camera or - if using a laptop, Chromebook, PC or Mac - a webcam.

All lessons are carried out using Skype. If you are new to Skype you can learn more about it here.

The camera need be positioned above the keyboard in such a way that it can see all the keys. For advice on how to achieve this, see How To Video a Keyboard from Overhead.

If you have a mobile phone or a webcam and can mount it over the keyboard, you have all you need to receive a piano lesson by video call.

However, we recommend using two devices. The keyboard camera is obviously essential, while adding a second device will make for a more engaging lesson.

Suzanne will place a Skype group call to both devices, which allows her to see you and the overhead view of your keyboard simultaneously.

If you are using an overhead phone to capture your keyboard, rather than a device with a webcam, the second device will make it far easier for you to see her.

Webcams make for easier placement, and can often be given a more permanent placement, meaning there is little set-up time before a lesson. Video is typically better with a webcam than a device's built-in camera.

What My Pupils Say
open quotation marksLearning with Suzanne is always fun and very enjoyable. Her enthusiasm is infectious, and as a complete beginner in my 50s, her kindness and patient guidance is helping me achieve a long held ambition to play the piano. Learning on-line this year has been fantastic, and is very easy and stress free; Suzanne and I are even going to carry on with our on-line lessons when I move to Cornwall shortly.close quotation marks
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