Technical Support


It is of course possible just to have a remote lesson via a standard video call using one of the various apps, but I'm in a very fortunate position that my husband, Paul, is in IT and has put together a much more professional set-up.

Paul has written some useful articles for this website, giving advice on how to get set up for video lessons. He'll be adding more as time goes on, and is always there to help my pupils with any technical problems or questions they may have. He can help with the set-up and can do this outside lesson times. And it's all free of charge!

He is always mindful of people's budgets and can offer different suggestions for individual needs.

He will happily talk to you and help you with any problems.

You can contact Paul at paul [at]

What My Pupils Say
open quotation marksSuzanne made me feel very at ease with my lessons and she gave me courage to restart my learning piano again after many years.close quotation marks
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