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As with most websites, this site uses cookies. Cookies allow us to understand how you interact with the site, and also store your settings.

A cookie is a very small file written to your hard disk. Websites check for the presence of their cookies on your device every time you load a page. When a cookie is found the website can adjust to reflect your settings, and data regarding your visit can be stored such as the page(s) viewed and the time they were viewed.

If you choose not to accept our cookies the website will still function, although not optimally. If you click 'No', to hide the cookie consent banner, it will return on subsequent page views (as no cookies means your preference cannot be stored).

Any data that we collect during your visit is never shared with third parties.

With cookie consent we will use Google Analytics to process visitor information. Until you consent to cookies Google Analytics will be disabled for the duration of your visit. Once enabled, Google Analytics will place third-party cookies on your device.

Note Google Analytics is configured to randomise the last number of your IP address. The first three numbers can be used to work out the country you are connecting from and your ISP, but your full IP address is not stored.

Read Google's article on Anonymization.


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