Piano Lessons Online by Video Call

Suzanne in her music room

I am a qualified and experienced piano and theory teacher. I teach children and adults and have taught all ages from the age of 4 through to people enjoying their retirement. It really is never too late to learn!

Having taught the piano at my home for around 25 years, lessons are now all online by video call, always on a one-to-one basis.

Piano lessons are held online by video call using Skype.

I have a professional set-up, switching between two webcams, one over my keyboard and one for face-to-face. My piano and microphone are handled by an audio mixer. This set-up allows pupils to clearly see and hear both me and my piano.

The minimum requirement for my pupils is a mobile phone, but ideally pupils should have two devices.

The first device is used for an overhead shot of the keyboard. This ensures my pupil doesn't obscure the view of the keys, enables me to see the full length of the keyboard clearly, lets me check all the notes are played correctly and check for accurate fingering and finger positioning.

The second device is for face-to-face which allows me to engage with my pupil and it also helps me check posture and see if they're looking at the music or their fingers.

Theory lessons also work well online. Pupils can email me a shot of their work and we can then go through it together.

If you are new to Skype (or video calls in general), or if you have any questions regarding the set-up, I am happy to answer any questions and provide any assistance you may require.

Depending on what devices you already have, generally you can set yourself up perfectly for online video lessons for around £70. This typically involves buying a stand, a boom arm and a clamp.

If you have any technical queries, my husband is in IT and is always happy to assist my pupils.

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This article will give you some useful ideas on how to video a piano keyboard from overhead.

I teach all levels from beginners to advanced.

You can learn either for exams or simply for your own enjoyment.

All lessons are tailored to suit each person to make sure that as well as progressing, learning the piano is enjoyable too.

I always try to be patient and kind to all my pupils and try to ensure that my pupils are happy in their lessons and enjoy learning while always progressing and achieving their goals.

What My Pupils Say
open quotation marksSuzanne has been my daughter's piano teacher for a couple of years now. She is an excellent piano teacher who teaches with great patience and understanding. She's always cheerful and provides a warm atmosphere for learning. My daughter who is now 8 years old loves her and looks forward to her lessons.

We tried a few teachers before we found Suzanne and I can tell the difference as my daughter feels well supported and has made remarkable progress ever since we met her.

Her progress has not been hindered by the lockdown as Suzanne came up with a brilliant style of online lessons that works very well for us. She guided us on how to set up in order to get the best online experience.

I am very pleased with Suzanne and would highly recommend her.close quotation marks
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