COVID-19 Statement

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, I no longer hold lessons at my home.

Instead, I have converted my music room for online lessons by video call with a professional set-up that enables me to teach in such a way that I can see my pupils' hands clearly on their keyboard, I can demonstrate playing on my keyboard and we can engage face-to-face. This is proving highly effective and very enjoyable for both myself and my pupils.

I won't risk potentially passing this virus to any of my pupils, nor do I want to risk the virus passing from one pupil to another.

Pupils who want to return to lessons from my home want to have the same experience as before, but it just wouldn't be. Piano lessons cannot be conducted safely and satisfactorily with social distancing and masks.

Video calls offer a better alternative as well as other advantages. They are better for the environment as there's no travelling. There's no journey time to lessons and there's all the savings in petrol costs to be had as well. Also there's no need to worry about any traffic problems either.

Also, video lessons can make it easy and fun to copy back what I'm playing. I can play my piano here with the pupil viewing it right in front of them and I can slow it down when needed. Great fun.

You can have lessons by video call wherever you live. I love seeing my pupils playing their own pianos in their own comfortable environment. So comfortable that some of my pupils have their lessons in their pyjamas! Can't get more comfortable than that!

What My Pupils Say
open quotation marksSuzanne is a very patient and gentle teacher, and I greatly enjoy my video piano lessons with her. She retains her sense of humour which is necessary when teaching me! With her patient encouragement I am making good progress and greatly enjoying learning to play the piano. I can’t recommend her highly enough. Setting up the video technology is straightforward, and if you have difficulty, Suzanne’s husband, Paul, is an IT professional and can help you! If you want to learn to play the piano as an adult, Suzanne is the teacher for you.close quotation marks
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