Effective Piano Practice

You must have a piano or keyboard to practise on and preferably somewhere quiet to practise.

Practising at home between lessons is essential as you want to learn and progress in the lessons rather than just end up practising in the lessons!

It is useful to practise little and often as this keeps things fresh in your mind. Practising for around 10-15 minutes each day if possible would be a good way to start, building up to around half-an-hour each day as you progress.

The more advanced you become, the more practice time is generally needed. You may well find you'll miss some days, which is fine. Perhaps then try to do a bit more the following day when practice time may suit you better.

The hardest parts should be practised the most.

Practise slowly, correct mistakes, stay focused and concentrate.

Teddy bear at piano

Try to spend some time listening to music and getting involved in other musical activities such as going to concerts, joining a choir and playing other musical instruments.